Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flooding Pics

If you've never been to my house, this won't mean much to you, but here are some pics of the flooding here on Tuesday AM. This was about 4:00am when Justin and I were awake because of the noise. They are blurry because the rain was coming down so hard. The water level was up to the middle of our neighbors across the street's driveway and halfway up our yard/driveway. The "For Sale" sign in our yard is on the street, even though you cannot tell where the street is!

The water is gone from here, but we are still dealing with the effects of the rain because there is still a lot of flooding to our south. It has taken Justin at least an hour to get to and from work each day because he's had to bypass the flooding and closed roads.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Under Construction

Just ignore the design of the blog for a while. It's under construction until I can figure out what I want to do with it. I thought about starting a whole new blog for our Singapore journey but then I decided that was dumb. I'm just needing a fresh look to go with our soon-to-be fresh new life on the other side of the world...

Singapore Zoo

Ever since we saw Camille's post about the Singapore Zoo Caleb has wanted to go. So do I! They have a new kids area that looks really cool! I'm just about to jump out of my skin to get to Singapore!

As of May 19 we'll no longer have any stuff in our house. The movers will come the 18th and 19th and pack everything up. Our belongings will either be on a ship bound for Singapore or in storage here. The only stuff left in our house will be what's going to Singapore on the airplane with us. Not much.

Our to-do list is finally shrinking instead of growing. We're slowly crossing things off. A big, time-consuming one is our valued inventory list. We have to give a replacement cost value for every.single.thing we're shipping to Singapore. Awesome, huh? Wanna come help?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monkey Madness

These sweet monkeys are on their way to our house! I ordered them for the boys and plan to save them until we are on the airplane bound for Singapore. I know they will love them, and I hope these guys will help my little guys to snuggle in on the plane and in their new home. Thanks, Barb!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Boys' Sizes

This is a post I'll keep updating while we're in Singapore so the grandparents know what to send them. ;-)

current as of July 14, 2011

Shirt: boys 5/6 or XS (S works, too)
Shorts: 4/5
Undies: XS boys
Shoes: US size little boys 12.5
Pajames: boys size 6
favorite things: applesauce, pudding, costumes, juice boxes or Capri Sun, PopIce popsicles,

Shirt: 4T
Shorts: 4T
Undies: XS boys
Shoes: US size toddler 11
Pajamas: 5T
favorite things: Nutri-Grain cereal bars, pudding, cars, fruit snacks, and doing whatever Caleb's doing :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Moments

I was having a sweet moment with Levi earlier. I went to get the boys and tell them lunch was ready, and Levi grabbed my hand and wanted to hold it as we walked into the kitchen. I basking in this moment and was in the middle of telling Levi how much I like it when he wanted to hold me my hand when older son threw a ball at me. Moment over.

Hold onto the sweet moments...they don't last long. It's kinda like're cruising along enjoying the serenity and good times when life throws a ball and whacks you in the back when you weren't looking.

Here, for your reading enjoyment, are interesting things Caleb has said lately. (The list is ever growing!)

1. "On my birthday I want to get a window tatoo." (ooooookay.)

2. "Mom, on your birthday, I want you to get a new washing machine and dryer." (this was after we saw a commercial about Tide. I wonder if he wants me to get the front-loading kind because that would be awesome. But how about the birthday after we get back from Singapore, Caleb?)

3. "Mom, after we go to Singapore, I want to go to China and meet Kai Lan." (sure thing, Caleb. I'll put meeting cartoon characters on my to-do list right after winning the lottery.)

4. Looking out in the backyard, I see Caleb playing with our honeysuckle vine.
me: Caleb, what are you doing?
Caleb: I'm trying to swing.

5. "Mommy, when is our car going to be a racecar?"

6. "Mommy, how fast are we going?"
"40, Caleb. That's the speed limit."
"When are we going to go five-ty?"

7. We've been trying to explain to Caleb that toys cost money and that Daddy goes to work so we can have money. He didn't quite get the whole concept.
Caleb: "I want a monkey that plays with play-doh." (the Coco-Nutty Play-Doh Monkey)
us: "Well, we don't have money for that right now."
Caleb: "I want to go to the store and buy some money."
us: "That's not how it works. Daddy has to go to work to earn money."
Caleb: "Daddy, when are you going to work?"
Daddy: "We have to buy food first, Caleb, before toys."
the next day...
Caleb calls Daddy at work.
Caleb: "Daddy are you done with food yet?"

8. "Mommy, why did I come out of your tummy?" (he asked this one as I was typing this post.)

Never a dull moment around here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Could we just get a good family picture?

(notice how Caleb isn't bothered by our attempt to get a family photo...he's just enjoying his candy the whole time...)
Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:

Attempt 4:, we can't get a good picture!

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We were at my parent's house for Easter this year, and we went to my dad's mom's house for our annual hunt with the cousins. Levi's hunt started off poorly because he was upset his daddy had walked outside without him. (He's was going outside to get pictures of them!)

Caleb going for an egg...
Poppa helping Levi...

Levi was really slow because he wanted to open every egg and see what was inside before he decided if he liked it or not! He's got it all figured out. :-)
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

When The Mommy Is Sick...

...the boys will get into everything. They found the water hose in the back yard yesterday while I was sick and trying to stay as close to the bed as possible. They were a little too quiet, and when I went to check on them, this is what I found. Obviously Levi is an innocent bystander in this situation. (Or maybe not a bystander but a victim since he is being sprayed with water.)

Notice how wet Levi's hair is and how dry Caleb's is...

Luckily I'm feeling somewhat better today and Caleb is at school. It's hard being the mom of two toddlers when you just want to lay in bed all day and not move!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Life With Little Boys

Running, jumping, climbing, laughing, shooting each other with nerf bullets. Just our everyday life...
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