Thursday, May 28, 2009

Less Than Five Days

In less than five days now, we'll be on an airplane headed to our new home. If we weren't going 90mph to doctor's appointments and last minute errands I would probably be an emotional mess. Our to-do list is shrinking, finally, but it's still long. We've got to change our address on about 50 things, forward our mail to my parents' house, finish packing the suitcases, probably buy another suitcase, get 3 months of my prescriptions filled, go to one more doctor's appointment this afternoon, have the power of attorney signed and notarized for our house sale (for whenever that happens), get international driver's licences, set up lawn maintenance for the house, go to the bank, finish cleaning the house, clean out the car, and have the oil changed in the van. I'm sure I'm missing some things. Once we get on the airplane, I might just pass out from exhaustion. At least that's my hope at this point! I'm hoping that's what the kids do, too!!

Our neighbor, Shelley, is making us what she calls "our last supper" tonight. Fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes. Yum!

The kids are adjusting to our life here in the hotel now. Caleb is always asking when we're going back to the hotel. It's our new normal. Next week we'll have a whole new normal, and I'm sure the kids will adjust to that as quickly as they have this. Poor Levi wakes up from his nap in a different place just about every day because we're visiting friends and family during the day.

My mom is coming into town today to help my sister with Ava. Kimberly's on bedrest at home and Ava has been pretty sick this week. I wish I could have been more help to Kimberly during this time and in the weeks to come. She needs a lot of help at this point because she's not getting the rest she needs and is basically in labor all the time. She's still having contractions, but, thankfully, it doesn't look like Audrey will be coming really soon. She's still expected to deliver early, but hopefully not in the next few weeks.

We're off to the doctor in a couple of hours to get my thyroid medication refilled. So much to do...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living in a Hotel

Well, we're officially all moved out of the house. It's been a rough week. Caleb's been upset about his playroom tv not making the trip to Singapore with us, and Levi has been just plain cranky all week long. They are really feeling the stress of the move. It's hard since they don't know that's what they are feeling. Every time I take Levi somewhere, he fusses loudly the whole time (it's really more like screaming). I don't know if he's not feeling well, or if he's just not sure what to feel since his little world has been turned upside down.

So, for now, we're living in a hotel. Caleb is sick (he's thrown up twice today and is running a fever), so today has been especially hard. I'm taking him to the doctor in the morning to see if it's a virus, strep throat, or maybe his ears again. If it's not one thing, it's another.

We've been talking about moving to Singapore for so long that it hasn't been real until this week. It hit both Justin and me once the movers started packing up our stuff that this is really happening! (And, by the way, I would highly recommend moving with professionals. They are amazing! And fast!)

Now we're living in this weird limbo phase for the next 12 days. It kind of feels like we don't have a home, which is really weird since our house is only 15 miles away. We haven't sold the house yet, and don't really know what's going to happen in the next couple of months with that. We're just taking it day by day, which I guess is best anyway.

I don't have a lot to say other than this week has been really weird and really stressful, but we're glad that this move is finally here. Oh, and we're exhausted.

We're planning on visiting family this weekend, but that all depends on how Caleb is feeling tomorrow.

That's all. We're just trying to tie up loose ends and get all the last minute things done. The list is still pretty long, but we're checking things off.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

After the Day I've Had...

I need a bath or a hug or maybe some ice cream. Or maybe all of the above.

After I dropped Caleb off at school this morning, I went and picked up Ava. My sister hasn't posted on her blog about what's been going on with her, so I won't post all the details here, but suffice it to say she's on the couch. A lot. So, I went to grab Ava for the day and run errands with my friend, Kim. We were in search of necklaces for her and the other bridesmaid to wear in a wedding this weekend. We did that for a couple of hours, had lunch, and tried to get Ava and Levi to fall asleep in the car because our house was being shown from 1-3pm (the worst possible time for a family with toddlers. Oh, and apparently our house doesn't have enough natural light and the screened in porch makes the living room too dark. Ummm..they're called trees. We have a lot of them. You'll appreciate that when it's 110 degrees and the sun is beating down on your house. I'm loving the comments we're getting from potential buyers. *sigh*). Levi and Ava didn't fall asleep until 2pm, and then I picked Caleb up at 2:30.

When I picked him up the teacher said he's been coughing non-stop all day.

He gets in the car and says, "What's making my ear hurt?" Your ear hurts? "Yes." I figured we'd just wait and get into the doctor in the morning since it was already 3pm and he didn't seem too bad.

10 minutes later he was screaming in pain and I was on the phone trying to get an appointment with the pediatrician. I drove to drop off Ava (30 minutes away), then drove the 45 minutes to the doctor's office with Caleb screaming and crying because his ear hurt. In the meantime, Levi woke up (imagine that), and started crying himself. It was a lovely, leisurely drive through Houston traffic.

Caleb has a blister on his ear drum; the doctor even let me look at it through the scope. That's what was making his ear hurt. They gave him Motrin and the pain subsided. The doc said it may go away all on its own in 2 days and the Motrin will keep the pain at bay, but he gave us a scrip for antibiotics just so we don't end up in the ER on a Saturday night for an ear infection. We love our pediatrician!

So, now Caleb's in bed with Vicks and socks on his feet hoping to make the cough go away. His lungs were clear with no wheezing, so we're not sure why he's coughing.

It's been a LONG day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Caleb and Granddad got into a nerf ball fight. :-)

NM Trip--Bandelier

Yesterday we went to Bandelier National Monument with Granddad. The boys had a great time. Caleb did get tired of walking, so you can see Justin carrying them both at one point. :-) The one where they are both bending down they are checking out a dead bug.

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NM Trip--Park

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Friends are GREAT!

My sweet friend, Hol, designed this new header for me. I absolutely love it! It definitely represents the next stage of our life...Singapore! And the verse is quite appropriate for this time in our lives as well.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Here are the rules for "eight things": Mention the person that tagged you. Complete the list of eight things. Tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends.

Eight things I look forward to:
1. Heaven!
2. Moving to Singapore (29 days now!)
3. Being done with the plane ride to Singapore
4. Seeing my boys grow up
5. My sister having her baby this July
6.Visiting Justin's family in New Mexico this week
7. Vacations!!!
8. Levi being done with diapers (won't be anytime soon!)

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Went to church with my mom (dad was sick)
2. Bought a "My 1st Scooter" for Caleb with Nana's money
3. Went shopping with my mom--stocked up on makeup
4. Stopped twice on the way home from my parents' for a certain 3yo to potty
5. Listened to "Scooby Doo" in the car on the way home (boys were watching in back)
6. Tended my farm on Facebook (my mom totally got me hooked)
7. Emailed a sweet Singaporean lady who wants to help with our transition
8. Watched The Unit last night with Justin.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Sew
2. Play the piano well
3. Bring my family and friends to Singapore
4. Dance
5. Be organized
6. Sell our house
7. Teleport myself
8. lose the weight

Eight shows I watch:
2. The Unit
3. House
4. The Amazing Race
5. Dancing With the Stars
6. The Office
7. Bones
8. Dora, Diego, Backyardigans...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Camping Trip 2009

Here are just a few shots of our camping trip from last weekend. Is that a dirty face or what?

Top Left: Levi's seriously dirty face--he had a GREAT day!
Top Right: Caleb playing in the mud pit the kids made
Bottom Left: Levi and Caroline--aren't they so sweet together? (they were born two weeks apart)
Bottom Right: Our tents. Levi slept in the green one all by himself in the pack-n-play. The boys slept great. Us...not so much.
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