Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost There

I turn 38 weeks tomorrow, and I have reached that magical time in pregnancy where I just want this baby OUT of my body.  My c-section is scheduled for August 8 (the very earliest they would let me schedule it...the day I turn 39 weeks).  Although I'm having lots of false contractions, I'm not having any that would make any sort of progress or changes.  I guess that's good since I don't really want to be in labor and then have to have a c-section anyway. My doctor is also on vacation and won't be back at work until the day before my c-section.  She and I have been through two c-sections together already, and I'd rather have her with me than whoever is on call.

We are all excited to meet Isaac! It's a little surreal, at the same time, that we are adding a baby to our family next week! We are ready. Or as ready as we'll ever be. ;-)

So, until next week we're going for sno cones several times a week, trying to get as much sleep as possible (difficult), anticipating Justin's mom arriving this Saturday (yay!), and trying to stay cool inside.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

Yes, we finally chose a name for this baby!  Isaac Matthew.  It took us a lot longer than the previous two times, but, then again, we had a lot going on in the first 6 months of this pregnancy.  We had a long list of names that we slowly narrowed down (or I would occasionally add to!), and then we set ourselves a goal to have the name picked out before my family reunion last month.  My Dad was sending messages through my mom every few days asking if we'd picked a name yet, so it was time to decide.  :-)

My friend, Jenny, is an amazing photographer.  I've admired her work for several years through another friend's family photos and on Facebook, and once we moved closer(er) to her, I couldn't wait for her to work her magic.  We are thrilled with how these turned out.  We've never done maternity pictures before, and we haven't had many family pictures taken, so these are a treasure!  I cannot wait for Jenny to get pictures of our new addition.

Thank you, Jenny, so much!  Click here to see Jenny's post on her blog with more pictures.


I love this one because it's a good representation of our family...we're all laughing and Levi is acting like he lives with a bunch of crazy people.  My kids have lots of facial expressions!
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Reflecting Him

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