Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Bug

I think The Child has passed on The Bug to his mommy and daddy. Yuck. I have a splitting headache which makes me feel even more nauseated. This is not how I wanted to start the year losing weight. I'm hoping we don't need Jules Works-For-Me Wednesday tip.



Anonymous said...

Poor thing, I am sorry that you are sick. Take comfort in knowing that it only usually last a day or two at the most! Hang in there! You could consider the nausea practice for when you get pregnant again! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry your family is not feeling well. I will pray you get a good night sleep tonight. Hey I love your pic =)

Laura said...

Ugh. The Bug. The one thing you don't want him sharing. Hoping you all feel better soon!!

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