Friday, May 16, 2008

Singapore, A Wedding, and This and That

For two years now we've been in limbo about the whole Singapore thing. Will we move there? Will we not? How long?

I wish I could say we have some answers, but we really don't have anything concrete. It looks like we will be moving there next summer (2009) for a year to 18 months. I say we'll be there 18 months to 2 years because I have yet to see a project finish on time. I'm just preparing myself. (By the way, if you see my mom, don't mention any of this to her. She's in serious denial. I think she'll be at Ava's house every week that we're gone to get her grandbaby fix!)

And, in perfect grandmother is getting married tomorrow. First, let me say I'm really happy for her. Second, let me say it's weird. My grandfather died right after I got married 5 1/2 years ago, and my grandmother is really young, so I'm glad she found someone she loves spending time with. But, I just don't think you expect to see your grandmother get married. I don't know this man really well (but I know he's a great man and former minister), and I think it'll be a little awkward for a while when we visit her. This man is the only great-grandfather-figure my kids will ever know. Both mine and Justin's grandfathers died long before our kids were born. Anyway, that's all I'll say about that.

Justin's mom is coming to visit next week, and we are super excited! The boys don't get to see Mimi very often, so this is a real treat. Levi doesn't even look like the same child since we saw her last. It'll be fun to see the boys with her.

And did you hear that my best friend is pregnant??? :-) She's due the day after Christmas when it'll be, oh, about 50 below in Alaska. Congrats, Dave and Lisa!!


Shalee said...

No matter where God leads you and Justin, He will be right there with you, helping you every step of the way. That kind of move is scary and intimidating, but my lands, Jenn! Think of the memories you'll be making and the stories you'll be able to share!

Dave & Lisa said...

Thanks, Jenn! Sorry I missed you last night. This pregnancy + virus + sick husband + end-of-school-year + job uncertainty is kicking my butt lately. I just don't have energy to do anything! It was nice to hear your voice on the message. Hopefully we will talk soon. :-)
Love you, Lisa

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