Monday, February 16, 2009

CHEESE! And Alaska!

Levi's new thing...saying, "cheese!" to the camera...(notice the TEETH!!! he has three of them!!!)

The boys at Grandma's, where they were all last week while I was in Alaska and then while their daddy and I were doing MASSIVE cleaning and organizing in the house. This little bench was in my grandmother's garage and no one wanted it. My kids LOVE's just their size!

This is Caleb's "I'm 3 years you think you can boss me around? I'll be on my merry way doing whatever I please no matter how many times you've told me not to do it" face. Enough said.
Last week I went to Alaska to meet this little guy! And his mommy is pretty special, too!
Ahhh...beautiful Valdez, Alaska. It was refreshing.

Sam thinks so, too...
Frozen harbor in Valdez. A far cry from Texas, for sure.

Well, I'm procrastinating the continued chaos of cleaning and organizing and moving furniture to storage and packing boxes. Back to the regularly scheduled lack of posting here.


Hol and J said...

It's wonderful that you were able to visit your friend in Valdez, Alaska. What an experience!

Great pictures of Caleb and Levi too. You have such sweet, beautiful boys. Yes, they're sweet even if they do misbehave or ignore you. ;)

Hope you're having a good day!

Dave and Lisa said...

Nice post. I confess I was waiting for this one. ;-) Thank you again for coming here! You left wonderful results (like a sane wife and mommy) in your wake!

Your boys are so precious. Seriously, they could not be any cuter! Isn't it wonderful that God gave us such cute kids to help when they do not act that way?

I love you and miss you,

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