Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things Caleb Says, Part II

"Mom, I don't ever, never want to go to the North Pole." (oooookkaaaay?? apparently he had a bad dream that included the north pole.)

"Mom, Levi just splayed the TV." (He's taken to making up words.)

"What does that mean, Caleb?"

"It won't play, and I can't hear it."

"You're the ticklers and we're the proompers." (Proomp is his new made-up word. It has lots of meanings.)

"I'm going to proomp you." (in this context, it usually means hit.)

Me: Caleb, what do you want for breakfast? A cereal bar? A granola bar?

Caleb: I want something that goes with chopsticks.


Melanie said...

Adorable and I always love those made up words

Kimberly said...

Too funny! We really need to skype so Ava can talk to the boys.

Dave and Lisa said...

Very cute. I love the last one - shows he is already getting used to the culture, right! :-)

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