Monday, March 21, 2011


So much to be thankful for these days...

354. watching Justin play with the boys (so different from the way I do it)
355. kisses goodbye before the sun rises as he goes off to work
356. a husband who loves God
357. the group of ladies in my Bible study sharing their lives
358. a husband who goes with me to the grocery store at night so we can use the car
359. discussing deep things of God with friends
360. play dates
361. a small trampoline at home to bounce out boy energy!
362. flowers picked by little boys
363. sound of wind rustling in the trees
364. a husband who trusts me
365. Justin taking over the nighttime/bath routine
366. rain storms
367. our pastor praying with us in the hallway at church
368. being with Nana in the hospital
369. telling her I love her
370. hearing her tell me she loves me
371. knowing my sweet Nana is with Jesus
372. sweet memories
373. successful ankle surgery
374. planning a tropical getaway
375. watching how much my boys love babies
376. that Justin makes talking to his family a priority
377. the way Justin loves his mom
378. that he never asks questions when I have not cooked dinner
379. his support as I homeschool the boys
380. checking on our children sleeping before going to bed
381. the yoga mat that has become a makeshift bed in our floor for scared little boys
382. spending time with my sister and her sweet girls in Texas
383. food cooked by friends that blessed us while I'm "out of commission"
384. so many prayers lifted up on my behalf
385. a great new Bible-wonderful maps and notes
386. getting "kissy face" pictures in my inbox from my niece
387. studying God's promises in the book of Isaiah
388. memorizing Scripture with our whole church - Matthew 5:3-10


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I am thankful for you...

HolyMama! said...

perfect use for a yoga mat!!

(award going up at my site for you soon)

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s – even though it’s Thursday

I hearted them all but my favorite this week was: 380. checking on our children sleeping before going to bed – I don’t have children – but I see my brothers and how they look at their sleeping kids at night – I’ve seen them tenderly peek in the door just to glow in the love – I’ve seen it – so I know of it. This made me smile. Thank you.

God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

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