Friday, November 18, 2011

35 Reasons

35 Reasons I love you, Justin (for your 35th Birthday)

in no particular order...

1. Your steady personality
2. You get more handsome every year
3. Traveling with you (and our boys)
4. You are always willing to pick up slack in the house
5. Even though you are a great husband and father, you always desire to be better
6. You allow me time to myself when I need it
7. Star gazing with you in countries around the world
8. You are a runner
9. You put up with my desire to move furniture on a regular basis
10. Caleb Andrew
11. Levi James
12. You make me laugh
13. You hate coffee, but you are willing to sit in coffee shops with me while I enjoy it
14. Our very detailed financial spreadsheets
15. You have never raised your voice to me
16. You put up with my version of crazy
17. Tithing is always first in our budget
18. The way you play with our boys
19. You are never embarrassed to carry my purse in public or get lipstick on yourself from kissing me goodbye
20. You drop us off in front of the church on Sunday mornings so we don't have to walk down the street and go into church sweaty
21. Getting away, just the two of us
22. You love your family and put forth the effort to stay in touch with them
23. Your faith in Christ
24. You still think I'm beautiful and tell me often
25. The Word of God is important to you and you make reading it a priority
26. You are teaching our sons what is means to be a man
27. You show our boys how to love a wife
28. You do not allow our boys to be disrespectful to me (or anyone else)
29. You don't care much about material things
30. You gladly eat whatever I cook
31. You are passionate about the outdoors (even though we've lived in major cities full of concrete for almost 10 years with no mountains in sight)
32. You think through decisions carefully and with prayer
33. You care about the poor and needy and take action
34. You let me talk about deep things at 11pm
35. Through all life's ups and downs and crazy twists and turns, you are by my side.  For always.

I love you more than you know.  Happy Birthday, Babe!

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