Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost There

I turn 38 weeks tomorrow, and I have reached that magical time in pregnancy where I just want this baby OUT of my body.  My c-section is scheduled for August 8 (the very earliest they would let me schedule it...the day I turn 39 weeks).  Although I'm having lots of false contractions, I'm not having any that would make any sort of progress or changes.  I guess that's good since I don't really want to be in labor and then have to have a c-section anyway. My doctor is also on vacation and won't be back at work until the day before my c-section.  She and I have been through two c-sections together already, and I'd rather have her with me than whoever is on call.

We are all excited to meet Isaac! It's a little surreal, at the same time, that we are adding a baby to our family next week! We are ready. Or as ready as we'll ever be. ;-)

So, until next week we're going for sno cones several times a week, trying to get as much sleep as possible (difficult), anticipating Justin's mom arriving this Saturday (yay!), and trying to stay cool inside.

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