Thursday, April 20, 2006


I was tagged by Diane to list 6 random things about myself. So, here goes...

1. I am afraid of the dark. No kidding! When the sun goes down, so do the blinds in our house.

2. I greatly dislike (read: am afraid of) people dressed up as cartoon characters, animals, etc. (like at Disney World or anywhere else.) It creeps me out. Clowns, too.

3. When hubby gets me a glass of water, he asks how many pieces of ice I want in it because I actually care how many pieces go in. Too many makes it too cold and I can't get enough water for all the ice. Too few and it's not cold enough. Neurotic, I know.

4. I taught high school for 3 years before becoming a mommy. I learned a lot, but am not sure I want to do it again. Will be praying about that when the time comes that I choose to/need to return to work. Hopefully not before our children are all in school (we only have one now, but I've decided I would like 4. Hubby's not convinced!)

5. I lived in Thailand for 6 1/2 months my last year in college with Lisa working with a college ministry. It was an incredible experience that helped to shape my faith.

6. I dated hubby (then boyfriend!) while I was gone and we were married 8 months after I returned (we don't recommend dating across the world, but it worked for us). Been happy ever since!

There you have it! Now I'm tagging Lisa, VJ, erinlo, Heather, Laura, and Mary Have fun!!


Heather Smith said...

I'll post my things tomorrow! This one seems like fun!!

Dave & Lisa said...

I learned some things about you I didn't know. How can I be your best friend and not know you're afraid of people dressed up as cartoon characters?? :-)

Dave & Lisa said...

A couple more things... maybe you guys should consider living half the year in Alaska so you won't have to close the shades so often! Right now we're getting about 16 hours of sunlight a day.

Also, I think I want 4 kids, too. ...But Dave wants 6!!

aggiejenn said...

Now that's an interesting in Alaska half the year would mean I didn't have to close the shades as often...but then I don't like to sleep when it's light outside, so maybe that doesn't add up!

aggiejenn said...

Heather--Looking forward to your 6 things!

erinlo said...

Thanks for tagging me, Jen!!! I'll try to post sometime today or tomorrow!

victoria said...

4 kids--wow!! Brave momma.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Great job!

I'm with ya on the dark thing--staying alone in a hotel room in Orlando and have to MAKE myself go to sleep and stop thinking about all the scarey things that could happen. Doesn't help to watch CSI-New York....murders and all!

Thanks for playing along--it's so good getting to know our blog-friends; even if they do count the ice in their drinks. This is useful information if you're ever a guest in my home! Not to mention--I'll have the night lights burning if you ever stay over!


aggiejenn said...

It's funny b/c I only care about the ice when I'm at home. I don't like warm tap water. I'm not obsessive about the ice thing. THAT would be weird! hahaha ;-)

Mary said...

Thanks for tagging me! I did a 6 weird things post the other day, but maybe I'll come up with a similar idea if I can think of something interesting that wouldn't be too redundant!

One of my six weird things was that I dressed up as a clown in high school for kids' birthday parties and for people in the nursing home. I now really regret doing that. For one, it was really dorky and now for 2, I would never scare you on purpose!

Laura said...

I did it!

I liked reading about yours - funny how strange we think some of the things we do or think are, but find out how much in common you really have with others. I could have put 3 of yours on mine! It was fun learning more about you!

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