Sunday, December 31, 2006

I've officially been initiated a mother.

Caleb has a stomach virus. Luckily the vomiting has stopped. And hopefully we'll get more sleep tonight than we did last night.


momrn2 said...

Welcome to the club!! :-)

Hope he is feeling better soon!! Hope that you all are finding the rest I'm sure you so desperately need!!!

jettybetty said...

I'm sorry--before long he will be able to hit the trash can!
I do hope he's feeling much better by now and he didn't share his stuff with his parents!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! Dare I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope it all passes soon.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. No fun, Jen. I hope he recoveres quickly and you get some much needed rest.

What a way to spend New Year's Eve. Happy New Year to you - it'll get better.

Debi said...

So sorry to hear your little guy is under the weather...I am sure you are worn out physically and emotionally. Blessings for this brand New Year, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Tx is having virus epidemic or something. It is everywhere. Hubby came down with something on our last day in the Dallas area. So far the rest of us are well, lets hope he does not pass the dreaded stuff on to us. I hope it ends with Caleb for your family too. Happy New Year!

Rabbit said...

Aw, the pukies are the WORST. Hang in there and remember, clear liquids! :)

Everyday Mommy said...

Oh, Honey...I feel your pain. Just now passing away from the Everyday House.

Kerri Schaefer said...

We did the battle of the bug at Disney World just three weeks ago! I feel your pain! There were 26 of us and starting with Malachi it took out 20 of us! Poor Malachi threw up for two full weeks because each of us just passed it back to him! Now we have moved on to ear infections!!!

I hope Caleb feels much better soon and that you and Justin stay strong, drink lots of liquids with some sugar, and don't kiss for at least a week to ten days! =)

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, from what I've read you were initiated as a mother a while back. Guess now you've got the puke-catching badge. ;)~
Hope he feels better soon.

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