Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still Struggling with The Decision

Well, I've been reading and researching this whole VBAC issue. It's really hard to find unbiased books and articles on the subject, so I'm trying to take everything at face value and get information. Yesterday I was leaning one way, and today after talking with my family physician at my check-up, I'm leaning the other way. It's hard to know what to do since I have no way of knowing ahead of time what will happen if I try to labor on my own and not do a repeat cesarean.

I'm praying that God would make it abundantly clear which way I should go. I'm praying a lot.

I think I'm going to visit with a couple of doctors in the next few weeks and go from there. I know that I would have more success with a VBAC at a birth center with a midwife rather than in a hospital setting (my labor at the hospital last time was anything but ideal), but with a prior cesarean and a husband who is not comfortable with that, I just can't go for that option.

So, anyway, that's where I'm at. I'm mourning the fact that I may never go into labor again. I'm aware that if I choose a VBAC, I may still end up with another cesarean. We live in one of the least "granola" areas of the country, so I have yet to hear of a doctor in this city that will do a VBAC (I know I can find one if we choose that option). So many things to consider.

I really appreciate all your comments and personal email about this subject. Thanks for being so kind and sharing your experiences with me. We're in uncharted waters here; your perspectives are a lifeline.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you decide to do, Jenn, know that you should be (and will be) supported 100%. I wish you the best of luck as you continue searching for an answer.

I'm still looking forward to the day that you announce your newest pregnancy on here. I hope its soon...

Anonymous said...

You'll know what's right for you. You will.

Anonymous said...

God will give you peace when the time is right? It just would be nice to have everything planned out with a nice little bow on top. But from my experience, God does not do that....He keeps us hanging on, then takes care of everything we worried about in the first place. Praying for you =)

Anonymous said...

I cannot comment on this subject from MY experience, but a close friend of mine had a c-section with her first child and VBAC-ed twice and is planning to again with her forth baby. She did well with NO complications.

I would go with your OB thoughts, but the choice is YOURS.

Carol said...

If you decide to go VBAC, really the worse thing that can happen is you go into labor, then find you have to get a C-section anyway. And you wind up with a new baby either way. Which is sort of what the whole thing is about anyway, right?

I've had 2 vag deliveries. I think they're way overrated. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I went back and read your original post and I was disappointed by something you mentioned had been said to you - that vaginal birth was the way God intended. I don't have kids and probably can't have kids, but to me the last thing we need is another way to judge each other. For crying out loud. As someone who will probably never be able to give birth either way, I agree with Carol. If the Lord blesses you with another child, however he or she comes into the world, you will be BLESSED with another child! Isn't that what's important?

Anonymous said...

I think you're being wise to do so much research. I hope things work out the way you want, but I know that things will work out period. Looking forward to seeing ya'lls family grow. I may be coming to you in a couple of years for advice. :)

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