Friday, March 14, 2008

This Story Saddens Me

Have you heard about the study of girls aged 14 to 19 and the number of STDs they have?

Read the news story here.


jettybetty said...

I heard these stats earlier in the week--way, way sad.

Brooke said...

This is such a sad statistic. I heard about that on the news last week and was shocked!

Thanks for the recipe comment. I will have to try that. Luckily, I escaped the job of having to cook for all of my boyfriends buddies. But if I am ever in that crisis again, I will be armed with the chicken spaghetti recipe.

Shalee said...

The stats are horrible, but until the world realizes that handing out condoms isn't the answer, these stats are just going to soar. Did you notice how it attacked abstinence education? Did you notice how Planned Parenthood placed blame on value-based education and lack of parental teaching? Ummm, I'm sorry, but all they do is hand out condoms or birth control and say "Be careful, and if you're not, you can just remove it later." I find it funny (not laughing though) that they make these statements in Chicago, where abstinence education is NOT taught in school, where gangs of children are more widespread, where children have greater freedom with their time. Until the mindset of the world changes - from not condoning teen sex (via movies and tv) to expecting children to not have instant gratification, these things will never change.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Just hopped over from family friendly blogs! What a sad state of affairs our children are in. We need to educate and show our children who they are in Christ! Your theme verse is one of my life verses! My kids and I were just talking about it this morning on the way to school! Have a blessed day!

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