Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Turned a Corner

I hated to make this announcement on Monday, but now that it's a pattern...Levi is sleeping through the night! Oh, sweet sleep...I have found you again (except that I've had a sore throat every night, but whatever...)

We've been putting him to bed about 7:30, then I go in around 10:00 to feed him one last time, and he's been sleeping for 6-9 hours past then before he eats again and usually goes back to sleep.

The key is, he's a stomach sleeper. He learned to roll from back to front over a month ago, but he would get really mad when he rolled onto his stomach. We'd flip him over, and then he'd just roll back. He finally gave up and started sleeping on his stomach, and it's been wonderful ever since!


And, my mom gave me the gift of having my house cleaned (by other people), and they are coming today. Ahhhhh. I love a clean house! (My house has been the one thing through this depression that has bothered me the most. I just couldn't even get the energy or motivation to keep it straight, let alone clean. And a messy house with a clouded brain do not make a good mix!) Thanks, Mom!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I am so glad to hear things are going better. It is amazing what a full nights sleep and a clean house will do for our outlooks. I can manage the full nights sleep but the house I am still working on :)

Hol&J said...

How wonderful that Levi is sleeping through the night. *Praying it stays that way.*

You have such a sweet and thoughtful mom. She knew just the thing that would help you the most right now.

I'm really happy for you!

jettybetty said...

I am so thankful things are better!

A clean house should really help! YAY mom!

Dave & Lisa said...

Praise God for all these sweet blessings! I am rejoicing with you. :-)

Much love, Lisa

Shalee said...

Yay on both counts! Sleep and someone else cleaning my place would probably top my list as best gifts ever!

Glad to hear that things are going smoothly for you and your family!

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