Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goings On

Life is busy around here! I just got back from a convention this weekend. The boys both went to my parent's house for a few days, and it was good for all of us! I had a great weekend of learning and hanging out with other women! It was refreshing.

Caleb is in full two-year-old mode these days. He screams the most high-pitched, shrill noise I've ever heard when he doesn't get his way. Ugh. And his new thing these days is telling us at bedtime, "I don't want to say the prayers." Well, fine, but you're going to listen to us say them! One day all this stubbornness will be put to good use, I'm praying!

Levi is in the process of getting himself weaned. I say "getting himself" because I hadn't planned on it until he was a year old, but he's biting and has incredible suction, so I'm in the midst of a bleeding nipple for the umpteenth time in his 9 months of life. I just can't take it anymore. And since he's started biting, it just makes the bleeding worse. The pain is excruciating, and this momma is done. It's been one thing after another with him for the whole 9 months (infections, bleeding, cracking, nuclear testing, surgery, etc). I'm dealing with the guilt of weaning him before I weaned Caleb, though. After the initial 8 weeks with Caleb, we were smooth sailing until he was a year old. Not so with the little one.

I'm doing Beth Moore's Stepping Up Bible study with a group of ladies at church, and it's really good. Life is so much better when I'm in the Word daily!

Would you say a prayer for my sister? She undergoing testing for her gall bladder (sound familiar?). She hasn't had the pain that I had, but she's been really sick for several weeks. (And, no, she's not pregnant...they've checked at the doctor's office 3 times!) My mom had her gall bladder removed when she was young, also, so apparently it's genetic. Thanks!


Shalee said...

Saying a prayer for her right now...

Dave & Lisa said...

Yay, a new post from you! I've been thinking about you a lot. In fact, the other day I woke up thinking, "I wish I could hang out with Jennifer today..."

I'd love to hear about the convention you went to. Glad you got some adult time to yourself! It sounds like it was a blessing to you.

Don't feel guilty about weaning Levi. Remember, you have given him nine whole months of immunities and all kinds of good stuff! If he won't cooperate, then it's okay to stop. No need to beat yourself up!

I prayed for Kimberly. May the Lord ease her pain and give her wisdom about how to handle it.

Love you so much!!

victoria said...

I hope Kimberly gets better soon. And good for you for getting away sounds like it was good for all!

Anonymous said...

Hey are you? I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wondered how life was for you. Know I'm praying for you... :)

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