Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fun in a Box


We're so tired around here. It's 8:21am, and Levi has been down for a nap since 7:45. Both boys were up for the day at 6am, and Levi was up eating twice during the night. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt!

We ALL had the stomach virus last week and over the holiday weekend. Not fun. I think we're finally over it, thank goodness. Now, if we could just get some sleep maybe we won't have a relapse!


Hol and J said...

The box always seems more fun than what was inside doesn't it?

Hope you're having a good week!
xo - Holly

Christina Jay said...

Isn't it funny how the toys they love the best are the boxes they came in?

I love the pictures--so cute!

I'm sorry you had the sickies at your house. I missed Caleb Sunday morning. I will miss the two year olds this quarter. They were just getting to the point where they knew each other's names. So cute! They will be fun for the next teacher.

Hope you get some rest. :-)

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