Monday, November 10, 2008

I really need a laptop

I really would blog more if I had a laptop. That way I could be wherever the kids were and write about their happenings. But I don't have one and the computer room is a dangerous place for the kids to be (way too much clutter in here!). And they won't stay put anyway.

Caleb is getting pretty good at working a computer mouse, though. He likes to play the online toddler games like Little Einsteins. He's growing up so fast; today it really hit me that he's a big boy. Sad.

He was sick for a week or so with a high fever and pretty much no other symptoms. Don't really know what it was, but he was responding to Motrin so the doctor didn't need to see him. It finally went away Saturday night. Weird.

Well, I need to get to sleep if I have any hope of getting to the gym in the morning. That all depends on whether the boys sleep well tonight. One of them has been awake multiple times a night for weeks. Sometimes both of them several times a night. We're pretty tired around here.


Heather Smith said...

I've been a bum about working out in the past week because Alaena had an ear infection. I know I'd feel better if I did it, it's just getting the motivation to get out of the bed that's the problem!

Heather Smith said...

Hey Jen, come checkout my giveaway! It's on my funny blog!

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