Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Teeth

Have I mentioned that Levi is 13 months old and has NOT ONE TOOTH in his little head? Seriously, I can't believe he's still toothless. The doctor said that he asked his son's pediatric dentist about it and she said she wouldn't be concerned that a child had no teeth until they're two years old, and only then because the parents would be concerned.

I'm just waiting for the day we wake up and he has a mouthful over night. :-)


Heather Smith said...

Well, while your little one is toothless, mine has an overabundance of teeth for an eight month old. She has EIGHT teeth, 2 she got at four months, 5 popped in during one week of six months, and the other came through last week. And those things are SHARP! I think Alaena and Levi got their teeth times mixed up!!

proud parents said...

Oh well...I'm sure he'll get teeth eventually! ;) He's not going to know what to do when he can actually chew his food!

robinscharff said...

Wow, 13 months and no teething! You lucky momma! But I guess your sleep sagas make up for it :).

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Hi!!! Look at how big your boys are getting! I have definitely been out of the blogging loop. :) Sounds like everything is going well and you have a big adventure ahead of your with your move. Wow!

By the way, my #3 girl didn't have any teeth at a year either - she is now 18th month and has six or seven. She won't let me check very often. :) Both my #2 & #3 girls have been very slow to get their teeth, but it hasn't seemed to slow them down!

debi said...

I've always heard that the longer it is before they have teeth, the better the teeth are...don't know if it's true, but if it is....... :)

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