Tuesday, March 31, 2009


PICTURES AT THE END!!! (I know you're happy about that, Mom!)

Things have really settled down around here and inside me. Lots of people have been praying for me, and I can feel the difference. Just a few weeks ago I was suffering debilitating anxiety about our move (complete with nausea every time we talked about Singapore), but God has truly given me a sense of peace about everything that is coming. He has blessed my socks off by putting me in touch with a woman who is the wife of Justin's co-worker and also going to Singapore. (Hi, Andrea!) I finally feel like the range of emotions I'm feeling are normal for anyone in my situation...moving a family to the other side of the world. I feel more excited than scared now and THAT is truly a miracle!

A young couple came to look at our house on Sunday, and I'm praying that it will work out for them. I'd love nothing more than for a young couple wanting to start a family to move into this house. Justin and I were in that same situation when we bought this house, and it has been such a blessing living here.

My counselor strongly suggested that Justin and I have a weekend away before our move since that won't be possible again for quite a long time. Since Justin is now scheduled to go to Singapore for a week ONE MONTH before we move, I'm not sure that's possible! Our to-do list just keeps getting longer instead of shorter. We have a lot to do before June 1!

I wish you all could see the boys' passport photos. They were wearing matching sweaters and have the exact same expression on their face. They look like twins, and really the only way to tell them apart is that Levi has brown eyes and Caleb's are blue. It's pretty funny.
Levi has taken to calling Justin and I both Mommy. He refuses to say Daddy, even though that was his first word. He won't do it, which I think is a little funny. When I was loading the pictures below he kept yelling, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." He was talking about Justin. hehehe.

Ok, as promised in my last post, I found some pictures that you haven't seen yet.

Levi and his sweet little face...

Big, (finally) toothy grin!

This was Levi's reaction when I said, "Did you make a mess?" :-)

Our little super hero. Outfit chosen by Caleb. This might be blackmail later in his life. hehe.

Justin and I had a great date night last Friday and drove up to College Station for the Third Day concert (one of our favorite bands). We got to meet the band before the show. Even Justin commented about how blue Mac Powell's eyes are...it actually shocked me when he lifted his head and looked me in the eye. They are that blue.
Us before the concert. It was terribly windy and cold (it was an outdoor ampitheater).
Mac on stage...

Things are well here...thank the Lord!


Andrea said...

Andrea here. Glad to help! It has been good for me to connect with you as well.

Love the pictures!!

Hol and J said...

Yea! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling peace with everything. God is so good!

I had to laugh about the part where Levi calls both of you Mommy. He was doing that outside on Sunday night. I said, "I'm not your mommy." :)

Love the pictures too! The boys are precious, even when they get into mischief. It's great that you were able to attend the Third Day concert. Fun memories!

Carie said...

So glad things have turned around Jenn. We will continue to pray for you guys during the next transitional months. Love you guys!!!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Glad to hear you are doing better... embrace this time together but I will have to give you hope... I have never had as much alone time with BLake here in Singapore as I did back home... it has been amazing and I know that Singapore will be good to you guys.

Dave and Lisa said...
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Dave and Lisa said...

Wonderful post! I am praising God for the way things are coming together both on the inside and the outside for you, Jenn. :-)

That is TOO FUNNY about Levi calling both of you Mommy! Poor Justin, haha. And I did a double-take at the pictures of Levi. He looks EXACTLY the way I remember Caleb the last time I came to see you in Houston a few years ago. Crazy how the time flies! Can you believe you have two kids who are growing like weeds? And that I have a baby now, too? It's like I'm in the Twilight Zone sometimes. But it is very, very good. :-) I love you!!

Shelly said...

Glad that you are getting excited. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Matt and I went to see Third Day a few months back and we got to meet them too. They're our favorite!

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