Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Sale

Our house has a "For Sale" sign out front. It's not officially on the market yet, but it will be next week. Yesterday I met with my friend who's our realtor, and then I fought back tears all day long. I'm sad. I'm really sad to leave my family and friends here. I know that we'll only be gone temporarily, but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to the people who have literally held me up the past few years. I'm also sad to sell this house because I really love it and it's the house we brought our boys home to. Justin and I have lived in this house since July of 2003, less then 10 months after we got married. Almost all of our memories are here and it's the only home our boys know.

Ok, moving on before I dissolve into a bucket of tears. (Yes, I know we'll make friends in Singapore and it will be a great adventure and it will change our lives and we'll be back before we know it. That's what people always say. I get that. I'm just sad. But I'm really excited, too.)

I'm in the middle of filling out the boys' and my passport applications so we can all 4 traipse up to the Post Office on Friday to turn in our applications. Thankfully I found my old passport while we were cleaning out our bedroom because you have to jump through hoops and sign away your life in blood if you lose your passport.

I wish I had some new pictures of the boys to post for you to "ooh" and "aah" over and make this post a little less heavy, but I don't even know where my camera is at the moment. We've boxed up so much stuff and made trips to the storage shed and taken donations up to the church and painted every surface in sight every night for weeks (or months, I'm not sure). So, if I find the camera and it has pictures you haven't seen on it, I'll make sure and post them here.

In happier news, I got a CUTE Vera Bradley purse and clutch wallet on eBay (for way cheaper than retail) and it arrived yesterday. It's the little things, really. ;-)


Dave and Lisa said...

Whew. If it's any consolation, I can say that I understand a little of what you are going through. I am a little sad myself about not being able to visit you at that house any more! I have lots of special memories with you there, too. In fact, I even have fond memories of house searching with you before you guys picked that house! Life is just such a wild ride. In your spare time (haha), maybe it would help to jot down some of the best memories you have in that house. Or maybe it would make you feel worse, I don't know. It will be rough with all the changes, but I am thankful that you and Justin will be together this time! Better to be with him and lose the house than have him in Singapore by himself. I love you so much, and I can imagine how much of a whirlwind you are feeling right now. Feel free to just e-mail me and lay it all out if that helps. I promise I will just listen, like you have listened to me a hundred thousand times! It helps to just get it all off our chest sometimes. I love you, Jenn.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Good luck selling the house and we are ready to have you here in Singapore... I will do my best to get you plugged in and loved on... so you this will feel like home soon.

briar_rose_01 said...

I know that it's a tough time but if you're going to be overseas, I can't think of anywhere safer that Sinagapore - I felt safer walking around there than most US cities. Even for moves you look forward to, like us returning to Nacogdoches, are still bittersweet because there are things you'll miss. Hey, at least they have Dr. Pepper there. ;) Wish I could see ya'll before you move - I've never even got to meet your sweet boys. Guess we'll have to have a reunion when ya'll get back.

Shalee said...

Oh, Jen... I know how that feels. But know that God has everything in control and when you leave Singapore, you will probably have the same feelings that you're having now. It just means that you have wonderful memories and friends who you love. God will give you exactly what you need while you're moving now and when you get there.

Barb said...

I think the emotions you're experiencing are very understandable. I know it's sad to sell your home, but one thing you'll always have is the memories you made there. Imagine all the new memories you're about to make. And remember, little ones are very resilient. The house means a lot more to you than it means to them. :-)

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