Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pumpkin Pie and A Broken Arm

Justin and I were having a delightful Thanksgiving dinner with friends when we got a call from the babysitter saying Caleb had been jumping on the couch and had hurt his elbow. Caleb was screaming in the background, so we quickly left the party to go home and find out what was going on. His elbow was swollen when we arrived and he wouldn't move it or let anyone touch it.

We took him to the ER, and after looking at the xray the doctor said he thought it was cracked but that we'd need to see an orthopedic surgeon to confirm. They put a temporary cast on him (is was hard on the bottom to prevent his elbow from moving, and open on the top, then wrapped in an ace bandage) and told us to see the surgeon on Saturday morning. Thankfully lots of doctors, including orthopedic surgeons, in Singapore have Saturday office hours.

The surgeon didn't have to look at the xray long to see that his elbow is fractured. He said it had to be a direct hit on his elbow and that they normally do not see this injury in children, usually adults. He thinks it will heal nicely in about 3 weeks. They put a full cast on Caleb's arm but did give us the kind that can get wet. He can go swimming or bathe with it as long as we dry it with a fan or blow dryer afterward. The temporary cast itched a lot, but this one seems to be fine. Caleb's dealing with it pretty well.

And now we can say, "that's why you don't jump on the couch..."

At the hospital just after getting the temporary cast (it hurt, can you tell?)

Caleb with his temporary cast...about 12:30am after the accident.

Playing with Daddy before going to the surgeon.

Silly Caleb with the new cast

This is the couch he fell off...according to Caleb he was crouching on the arm when he fell off backward. How many times have we said, "DON'T jump/stand/walk/run on the couch!!?"
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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

man oh man... what a nightmare but I am glad that everything is looking up and it should heal in 3 weeks and a cast that you can get wet... what is the world coming too... awesome... sweet pics and I am so proud of you for whipping out the camera... to document this memory on Thanksgiving... sorry I could not watch Levi for you... would have if we were home for sure...

Kay said...

Caleb, Mimi loves you. I hope you get better very soon. Jennifer, they do finally grow up!

Melanie said...

At least he's making the most of it...and let it be a lesson (although that never seems to work). Was glad we could help and Juliana had so much fun with Levi! We need to get together more :-) Whatever you need, just ask!

Kimberly said...

Poor baby! Hope his arms heals soon! I didn't even know they made casts that you can get wet! That has to make things a million times easier!!

Dave and Lisa said...

Oh boy, what a Thanksgiving to remember! Sorry I am just now reading this and had no idea. We are back in town after four days in Anchorage, and I will do better at staying up-to-date on your wild life in Singapore, haha! I know I have this to look forward to in my future, too. Way to handle it calmly (at least it sounds like you did). Maybe Caleb will listen to you now about the whole couch thing. :-)

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