Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

#324-343 of His gifts...

*spiky-haired boys, freshly bathed
*wind whipping the rain to look like snow
*Lego building--a sea plane
*booklet for memorizing Colossians
*precious quilt with our wedding date embroidered
*soft, red, warm boy cheeks upon waking
*stomach problems solved!
*stainless steel coffee pot--unable to be broken by my clumsiness
*praying for a friend's son's first day of school
*taxi driver's amusement at my silly, sweet boys
*new bedtime routine--boys to bed at separate times
*"Great is Thy Faithfulness"--a wonderful hymn
*seeing the Christian community faithfully surround friends
*rearranging the furniture *smile*
*a clean house and how it calms my mind
*a car ride with a sweet friend~just uninterrupted talking
*honest conversations
*finding another homeschool family in Singapore with kids our kids' ages
*retrieving the "lost" coin my oldest swallowed 9 days ago


Jenn said...

Your stomach problems are solved!? That's wonderful!

HolyMama! said...

oooh! on that last one! done that!

ever heard elvis' version of 'g is thy f...?' OOH LOVE IT.

YAY for the stomach report!

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