Monday, January 03, 2011

Proof Your Kid Lives in Asia

Caleb wanted to tell jokes at dinner. We went through some knock-knock jokes, and then he came up with this after his daddy told the "why did the chicken cross the road" one:

Caleb: Why did the people cross the road?
Us: We don't know.
Caleb: To chop the chicken.

Want to know how our New Year's Day went? The following two pictures sum it up...really grouchy boys.

I got bored at lunch while Justin took Levi outside to walk around (because of all the cranky!), so I took random pictures:
Then we promptly came home and put Levi down for a nap (because Caleb refuses to nap, unless he's sick).

After nap, everyone was in a better mood, and we decided to take down the Christmas tree. Superman and Batman showed up to help Daddy disassemble the tree. :-)

As my grandmother reminded me yesterday, in 25 days we'll be on Texas soil! And until then we're just doing our normal thing...Justin is working (he didn't have one day off at all during the Christmas/New Year holiday) and the boys and I are doing school.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Love the joke and sorry about the crankiness... and we will miss you in 25 days... we need to hand before then please.

Dave and Lisa said...

Boy, I was feeling sorry for myself that Dave did have only one day off (including weekends which he always works) during the holidays... until I read your last paragraph. Bummer! But at least you will all be enjoying a vacation together soon!

Andrea said...

Love the chicken joke! hahaha!

Love the pictures, even with "all the cranky".

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