Monday, April 18, 2011

Life with Two Crazy Boys

Living with our two boys is always interesting. The other day I had to run down to the basement and give some donation items to a friend. This is what I came back to...(soap and water were everywhere, but I figured at least they had saved us the trouble of giving them a bath that night!)

We were stuck in traffic the other day, in the rain no less, with two hungry boys. I tried to distract them by playing with the camera. This is what I usually get. Crazy kids.

Another night we were stuck in traffic, in the rain again, and I gave the camera to the boys. This is Caleb's view from the back seat. And, yes, that is a man sitting in the back of that truck. That's how we roll in Singapore. It's also how we roll in Texas, but the truck would be way bigger.

A self-portrait of Caleb. All those marks on his chin are from the various bandages he'd had to cover the healing gash in his chin. (If you're not friends with me on Facebook, Caleb tried to body surf down our hallway using his pillow. It didn't work out the way he wanted, and he busted his face into the tile. Not pretty. But true to his I-have-no-fear-whatsoever personality, he was in the ER with his Daddy waiting to get his chin fixed and wondering what he did wrong. "Do you think if I wet my pillow it will work, Daddy?")

They keep us on our toes for sure! I'm always saying that my boys dream up stuff that my sister's girls would never's so true!

Life with boys is like living from one Emergency Room trip to the next.

I love them so.
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