Monday, April 18, 2011


My friend, Andrea, posted an A-Z Cyper Internet Alphabet, so I decided to copy her. She said, "by typing one letter in the URL box, it brings up the site or sites that you’ve visited the most.

One letter.

Give it a try. Open up a new tab. Type in the letter ‘a’. What comes up? Now try the letter ‘b’. “c”. And so on. It really is a good way to see where you spend your time on the computer. And kind of like what’s on your calendar or in your wallet, it can really tell alot about a person."

A--Amazon,, A Holy Experience
B--Book Depository, Bible Gateway
C--CNN, Confessions of a Homeschooler
D--Domino's Singapore, Dave and Lisa's blog, Dentons' blog
E--Everyday Mommy, Expedia, Evite
F--Five In A Row curriculum, Fox News
G--Golden Village movie theater, Groupon
H--Homeschool Creations blog
I--IMDB, IBC Singapore
J--my blog, Johnson's blog
K--my sister's blog, Kohl's
L--Living Proof Ministries, Lisa Leonard Designs, Lakeshore Learning
M--McDonald's delivery :-)
N--National Library Board-Singapore
O--Oriental Trading
P--Plugged In movie reviews, Pastamania
Q--QB Food, QVC
R--Rainbow Resource
S--Singapore Air
T--Target, Twitter
U-- (none)
V--Vimeo, Victoria's blog
W--Words with Friends
Z--Zuji (the Travelocity Singapore site)

Pretty interesting. What's yours look like?

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