Monday, October 03, 2011

Beijing, Day One - The Forbidden City

After we went through Tiananmen Gate, we entered The Forbidden City (named so by the commoners who were not allowed to enter until the 1920s, after the Qing Dynasty was overthrown):

Lions to protect the space.  My children now know how to tell the difference between the male and female of these types of lions (based upon what their paw is resting on):

A look back toward Tiananmen Gate:

Caleb standing on the original stones of the Forbidden City:

Original stones:

I loved the architecture:

The boys and I sat down for a few minutes and soon were surrounded by people wanting a better look, especially at my boys big eyes and long eyelashes:

Pots to hold water in case of fires, since much of the palace area was constructed of wood:

The Emperor's Chair:

The number of animals on the top of a building tells you how important it was/who lived there (9 animals for the Emperor):

Eunuch housing:

Gardens for the royal family (this is the "couple tree"):

Stone walkway in the gardens, foot reflexology for the concubines whose feet had been bound:


North Gate (I think this says "Palace Museum," the official name for The Forbidden City, but my Mandarin speaking friends can correct me!):

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