Wednesday, October 26, 2011

China, Day Two: The Great Wall

I don't think there was ever a time growing up where I imagined I'd stand on the Great Wall of China. What a cool experience!

We chose to ride the chair lift up since climbing to the top with 2 kids didn't sound like a fun time:

The sights were beautiful on the way up, despite the smog:

On top:

You see that kid with his arms in the air on top of the tower? That's Caleb:


Caleb (wearing his "I climbed the Great Wall" medal) standing next to a cannon:

Both boys by the cannon:

It was about this point that Justin left us to go explore further on his own (the rest of the pictures are ones he took):

(Look closely and you'll see the closest thing to "Fall" we've seen in 3 years):

I'm so glad we had this experience.

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