Saturday, September 08, 2012

Isaac Matthew

Isaac Matthew
August 8, 2012
11:56am, 6 lbs 15 oz

I'm exactly one month behind on this post!  Things have been pretty crazy since then.  Caleb started 1st grade, Levi started Mother's Day Out, and mommy has been juggling 3 kids every morning trying to pack lunches, feed everyone breakfast, and get out the door to the bus stop on time.  And throw a newborn in the mix who thinks sleep is optional and whose feeding schedule is totally unpredictable, and it's no wonder I haven't blogged at all.  :-)

Here are some pictures to document that we actually do have a new member of our family.  I'll get to his birth story one of these days.

Here is the only picture you'll see of me after Isaac was born.  I was very sick for many hours after his birth, and it wasn't pretty (quite a few times I was alone with Isaac and holding him with my left hand and the "basin" with the other. Fun times.).

Big brother, Caleb, meeting Isaac for the first time:

We were so happy Mimi could be there for Isaac's birth (note the time...Isaac was born at 11:56, and this is the first time we're seeing him.  He had swallowed amniotic fluid right before he was born, and they were sucking fluid out of his stomach for a while and then monitoring him.  I could NOT wait to get my hands on that little guy!): 

Big brother, Levi, holding Isaac

Caleb and Isaac:

Aunt Kiki and Isaac:

Cousin Ava with Isaac:

Ava and Audrey giving their newest cousin some love:

First bath at home (about 10 days old):
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