Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Our Story, Part Three

So, it's February of 2002 and life is great with future hubby. He's finishing graduate school and I'm finishing my senior year of undergrad (I took 2 semesters off to go to Thailand).

We talked about getting married A LOT those days. Once you know you want to marry someone, it's hard to go on with life and wait for that magical day down the road to finally get here. :-)

So, on February 20, 2002, we were sitting in my apartment in Bryan, TX and I asked future hubby, "Have you talked to your mom about us getting married?" "No" was his reply.

WHAT?!?!? I could not believe my ears. You must know that future hubby adores his mother and respects her opinion a great deal. The fact that he had not even discussed us getting married with her floored me and angered me to no end. I thought if I really meant anything to him, he would have at least discussed the matter with his mother. I think I said as much to him

Well, I was mad. I had to take him up to campus for a meeting and would pick him up after church (it was Wednesday night). Well, I didn't go to church that night because I was so furious with him for not caring enough about me to talk to his mother about our plans, so I went to dinner with my sister instead and complained about this situation the whole time. I was quite a joy to be around, let me tell you (actually, she'll probably tell you in the comments on this post!). At one point during dinner she said, "well, if he's not going to propose, why don't you just break up with him?" What? How could she say such a thing? I just wanted to complain, I wasn't actually going to do anything about it.

So, I wait until time to pick him up and drive to where we were supposed to meet. Well, he doesn't show up. (You can imagine that I'm a little peeved by now!) Instead, a mutual friend pulls up beside my car and said he saw future hubby on campus and he said I was supposed to meet him at the Systems Building. What? That's weird, but okay.

So, I drive all the way across campus. This seems a little weird to me and I start to get suspicious that he's up to something. I parked my car because I didn't see him right away. I get out and still can't find him. I walk to the front of the building and see a candle lit on the steps of the building. Then it hits me. He's proposing tonight. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!

I walk up to the steps and see a note beside the candle. It read, "This candle represents our past." Halfway up the stairs is another candle with a note that read, "This candle represents our present." At the top of the staircase was a third candle and note..."This candle represents our future." And out comes future hubby carrying a dozen yellow roses (my favorite!). I think I start crying now (or maybe I was crying beforehand, I don't remember). He gets down on his knee and asks me to marry him. I say yes (obviously). :-)

And do you know the first thing he says to me? "Yes, I've talked to my mother." And I say, "I was so mad at you." He says, "I know." (It was pretty obvious!)

That stinker. He had even gone the week before to my hometown and talked to my parents without my knowledge. How could I not love him?
(I'm trying to post a picture of the building he proposecd at, but Blogger isn't letting me. I'll try again later.)

Stay tuned tomorrow for an anniversary tribute to hubby.

(oh yeah, the friend who pulled up beside my car was supposed to catch me at church to relay the message about the new meeting place so it wouldn't be so obviously planned, but I didn't go to church. serves me right.)


jettybetty said...

I just did all 3 parts of your story--now I am crying! God is sooo good!!

MAK said...

What a romantic guy! Glad you said yes!

Heather Smith said... sound like my sister. She was worried that her now hubby was going to break it off with her because he had cancelled coming on a trip with our family last minute. He actually used that time to pick up the ring and came up 2 days late saying he had decided to come. That night he proposed to her on stage in front of 10,000 people. It was so sweet!

proud parents said...

You forgot to add the part that I already knew he was proposing to you before we went to dinner. When I said, "If he is not going to propose, just break up with him," I knew as soon as we left dinner you were driving straight to your proposal. Maybe I should have been more supportive, but after listening to you complain for an hour, it was hard enough for me not to say, "Quit complaining...he is going to propose tonight!" I still laugh every time I think of that story. You were really mad... :)

Hol and J said...

I loved your three part story, thanks for sharing. Isn't it funny (and at times trivial) how things seem when we look back at them now?

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