Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Few Recent Pictures

The snow at Easter. This was just the beginning, but I can't believe it was so cold!

Caleb in the bluebonnets the weekend before Easter. Something was really funny!

At Daddy's work egg hunt. Caleb was much more interested in the bsketball they gave him than the egg hunt.


Melissa said...

Adorable ;p

Shalee said...

Love the one of Caleb in the bluebonnets! Look at that smile!

victoria said...

Love that smile--he is getting so big. what a cutie! are you feeling better??

GranolaGirl12 said...

WOW what an amazing picture in the flowers... that was is at least an 8x10 by now, right?

Dave & Lisa said...

Wow, snow in Houston! That just does not happen very often. :-)

That picture of Caleb in the bluebonnets is one of my favorites. There is pure joy in that face! He is so adorable.

You look great, too. I'm so glad you're feeling better! Thank you for calling this past week. I tried you back and left a message. Hopefully we can catch each other this week sometime!

I love you, Lisa

GiBee said...

Well, there you have it ... the bluebonnet picture I loved so much from your other blog!

SERIOUSLY ... you should submit it to the Lands End picture contest for a chance to win a gift card!!!

Let me know if you want the info... that is ... if you have the energy!!!

Amaryllis said...

Well said.

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