Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scheduling My Child

I am feeling better, if you couldn't tell by the increase in posting around here! :-) Thank you for your prayers and calls and emails. I'm still not where I was in my second trimester with Caleb, but things are definitely looking up! That is a GOOD thing.

I was reading an old post of Katherine's today, which she linked to in this current post. It's about scheduling toddlers. I have fought this so hard. I feel pressure to get Caleb involved in gymnastics and swim class already. Sure it would be fun and it would get us out of the house, but I really hesitate to start scheduling activities for him already. He's only 19 months old, for pete's sake. AND, we're about to add a baby to the family, which would curtail all scheduled activities while mommy recovers and we all adjust to the new addition.

Am I alone in thinking we can start too early with the scheduling? I know gymnastics classes are harmless, but when does it stop?

I just want to enjoy my baby while he's a baby. We can play gymnastics in the living room...Caleb does every single day. We can play soccer in the back yard and be creative at the kitchen table (eating play-doh is the new favorite thing around here). Hey, we can even go for a walk down to the pond and feed the ducks. (Now that mommy's feeling better!)

I know not everybody feels this way. We all have different approaches to parenting. I just want to enjoy this time that Caleb is young and not be stressed out from trying to make it to this or that activity. On time. With a toddler.

Thoughts, anyone? (I'll step down off my soap box now.)


jettybetty said...

I didn't even send our first 2 to pre-school--because I just loved hanging out with them--and NOT having a schedule. As they get older--you almost have to have some kind of schedule--so if you like what you have now just enjoy it!!!

I am so thankful you are feeling some better!!!! YAY!!!

stephanie said...

We've done very little scheduling with ours thus far. Our oldest took a one-hour gymnastics class right before she turned three and that wasn't too bad for a while but we chose to quit several months ago ... clearing the schedule before the baby arrives. :) I don't think he needs anything yet ... He's still little. :)

Kelly said...

My girls are 8 and 9 and our days are so full, I long for those relaxed times when our schedule was determined by their curiosity rather than a class schedule.

It is so tempting to fee like they are missing out if they aren't involved in organized classes, but I think there is plenty of time for it all later. We started dance and gymnastics at 3 , and it was cute, but really I can see now, they would have been totally fine without it. Now playgroup with my mommy friends and their little buddies? Some of the best times of our lives- I totally recommend that:-)



GranolaGirl12 said...

Our "schedule" consists of breakfast, lunch, nap, and dinner...

We do try and get out of the house for fun things, our main weekly event is story time at the library. Kids get to sing and dance and listen to a story, then run around the room while the moms socialize. It's been such a blessing!

But it's not really a class, it's free, and we get to to it together. I also love our silly times playing in the house and exploring the backyard...

Thanks for the insightful post... SO glad you are feeling better!!!

Beck Boys said...

With my boys 21 months apart it is hard to have much of a schedule outside of our daily home schedule. I know that as they get older we will make one to keep up going. I plan to put Braxton in a Tuesday-Thursday school this next year. But till then we will keep with our routine. They grow up to fast anyway.

Shalee said...

My kids are 10 and 7 and we still don't schedule them. Are they missing out on some fun things? Yeah, but in return, they get to have real time with their parents, and we figure that this will outweigh all the pros and cons of activities. We both work full-time and we'd rather not "waste" time on other activites right now. We know too many kids who don't spend much time with their parents at all... and it shows.

Keep your babies with you for as long as you can, Jenn. You'll not regret it.

Anonymous said...

my boys are 9 & 10 and this is the First year we've had them in scheduled activities, little league to be specific. we havn't even had our first game yet and it's already KILLING me. we are taking a scheduling break as soon as the season is past. and next year will be very thouroghly thought through before we commit. I miss our unscheduled fun times.
Mrs. Nehemiah

Glass Half Full said...

I never signed Matt up for any activity until he was 2-1/2. I wanted it to be fun for him and not a burden on me trying to MAKE it fun -- know what I mean?? (A child's interest will vary too.)

Some advice: when your son is 2-3 consider your local library's programs. I did and not only did they offer cool stuff, but it was free! No pressure if it doesn't work out!

I'm with you -- let's enjoy life and not be pressured by every class offered!!!

Kathryn Lewis said...

I'm a friend of your sister's and just read this entry and had to comment. My baby girl is only 14 months old and I'm glad I had some insight from other mothers. being a middle school teacher I see kids who are so burned out going from here to there and they can't just be kids. I want Claire to enjoy her time with me and I want to do the same. As of right now, I'm not interested in scheduling activities for Claire that require mola or a huge committment. I like schedules but I love flexibility.

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