Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quick Update

Well, things here are about the same. Some days I feel pretty good, and other days, like yesterday, Justin has to come home early because I'm sick and laying on the couch all day. The sweet girls from our Life Group at church are bringing us dinner every other day this week and next, which is a HUGE blessing. Poor Caleb wants to be outside all the time but his mommy doesn't feel like it. He wants me to put on his shoes and then says, "bye bye," which means, "let's go outside now."

In other news, we spent Easter at my parent's house in central Texas where it snowed 2 inches and knocked the power out over night. I've never had an Easter quite like that! I'll post some pictures whenever my mom emails them to me from her camera (hint, hint). I have never seen so much snow in Texas; the flakes were enormous, and the next day the trees and fields were all covered. It was beautiful! (strange, but beautiful)

I'm trying to get back to doing a Bible study regularly. Now that Caleb only takes one nap a day, I have to decide what to do during his, take a shower, or do my Bible study. If I got up earlier, all this would take care of itself, but I can't seem to make that happen. We'll see.

In the meantime, if you have any super easy recipes, feel free to share. If and when I ever make it back to the grocery store, I'll start cooking for us again!


Kerri Schaefer said...

Easy recipe--

-Brown stew meat (in "dutch oven" or a pan with a lid for the oven)with just a little bit of floor and oil on the stove.
-One Family size cream of mushroom soup added after you drain the fat off of the meat.
-1/4 to 1/2 can of milk to rinse out the soup.
-Put in Oven for 2 hours at 325 degrees.
-Serve over minute rice or toast.
MY FAVORITE to cook and EAT!!!!

Kerri Schaefer said...

Glad you made it to the Egg Hunt! I am sorry I didn't get to visit more. I hope Caleb had fun and you got rest afterwards! We love you!

LaShawn said...

I am so sorry you are having such a rough time. I had horrid morning sickness with Chase and now that I am pregnant again I keep dreading waking up to see how I feel. I really hope it gets better soon for you. Zofran was a heaven sent last time for me.

victoria said...

you are back--I was getting worried it was not getting any better. thank goodness you have lots of support around you. take care jenn.

Dave & Lisa said...

Yea, you're feeling well enough to blog again! I have missed keeping in touch with you this way. Well, I have missed you, period, but you know what I mean. :-)

I'm glad you're not pushing yourself too hard when you don't feel well - that usually just makes things worse.

I made a good chicken and rice dish last night:

Spray bottom of 9x13 casserole dish. Evenly spread one cup uncooked white rice. Evenly pour mixture of 2 cups chicken broth and 2 tablespoons soy sauce over the rice. Lay thawed chicken breasts on top. Coat chicken with packet of Lipton dry onion soup. Spoon cream of mushroom soup over it all. Bake covered at 350 for an hour, then uncovered for 1/2 hour more.

It was really tasty, and Dave liked it, too! :-)

I love you so much,

Heather said...

Glad you are back!! Hope you get to feeling better soon...

jettybetty said...

Glad you are hanging in--hope you feel much better really soon!

MAK said...

One of the blogs I read Deanaland bye Deana Nall has a post about HG -- Hyperemesis Gravidarum -- that you might be interested in. Here blog address is if you want to check it out.

Please stop being so hard on yourself. You are sick, pregnant and have a toddler to take care of, cut yourself some slack. If you have to call your hubby to come home early--so be it --he isn't caring this baby everyday for 40 weeks. From what you have written about him, I doubt he minds anyway!

Enough with the guilt trips, Jenn you are doing the best you can with the cards you have been dealt right now. Just remember this is only for a season!

You are a sweet person who always tries to help others, so let them help you a little bit! You are in my prayers Sweetie!

Rabbit said...

I'm glad to see you're just sit back and let people take care of you for a while, okay? :) Praying for you!

Shalee said...

Oh I really hope that you will feel more like your old self soon!

My recipe is this:

Call Pizza Hut. It's so much easier on you!

GiBee said...

Oh, hun ... I'm so sorry this pregnancy is so tough...

Hang in there. It will soon be over, and there will be a shining face waiting to meet you!

My easiest recipe: Call pastor's wife or cell group leader. Ask for help from ladies in church.

That -- and disposable plates and cups.

CrownLaidDown said...

I'll be praying for you, fellow Aggie and sister in Christ! I had a recipe, but wouldn't you know? It was exactly the first comment! So my next idea is to stagger Chinese take-out with pizza and a little bit of bar-be-que, at least once a week. Also, have a friend come over and you each can make two of the same thing, then trade one.

Blessings on you,
Holly Smith

Debi said...

It's great to hear from you...gee...I'm hoping this gets better soon....
Easy recipe...chicken breasts...wrap each with a couple of pieces of bacon...mix l can cream of mushroom soup and 8oz sour cream spread on top bake at 250 to 300 for 3 hours...serve w/rice....easy and tasty!
I'll be praying for you...

Anonymous said...

Hi, there! I saw your comment on Beth Moore's blog, and was just led to pray for you! I wanted to drop in and say Hello! I hope you dont think Im weird!

Our fourth baby is 10mos. My pregnancies are NOT fun! But I just wanted to encourage you by saying that my girls have survived every pregnancy on goldfish, yogurt & Veggie Tales till Daddy gets home! SO, on behalf of every mom whose been there a couple of times--do NOT let any mommy guilt creep in! It will be better soon! I know the road seems so long right now though! I pray that the Lord would come and hold you up today. That He would flood your world with women who can serve you being His hands and feet. And that you would be able to FEEL the depths of His love for you! I pray that your sweet little boy would be a big helper to His mommy and be content with whatever strength and energy you have right now. Your family is PRECIOUS to Him. Remember this is just for a season...Soon our little ones won't be so little anymore, and we will be looking back on the other side of it all, just like Beth and her sweet friend.


OH, and I noticed you mentioned your Life Group...You dont happen to go to, do you? I know they have a Ft. Worth campus... We go to the OKC campus.

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, I've been thinking about you. I'm sorry to hear that you're still sick. Just keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass! =) Hang in there; just remember, it will be worth it in the end!

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