Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Made a Menu!

I haven't cooked more than one meal a week in probably months, so this is a big deal. The nausea is under control finally, but I still feel like I'm in the first trimester where smells and foods really bother me. I never know what's going to sound good until the exact moment I need to eat. But Justin and Caleb need me to get organized and at least plan some meals for them. ;-) Now, if I can muster up the strength and all else necessary to get myself to the grocery store, we'll be doing great!!

I was inspired by Stephanie, who just had a baby a week ago, has two older children, and planned out all their meals this week. I decided with just one child at home, I could at least make a menu!

B-cinnamon toast, applesauce
L-ham sandwiches, grapes
D-chicken pot pie

B-waffles, bananas
L-fish sticks, pears
D-chicken and rice bake

B-oatmeal, bagels
L-grilled cheese, oranges
D-taco soup (maybe chicken for Caleb)

B-French toast, fruit
D-pizza for Caleb and sitter (J and I are going to a baseball game)

D-Life Group

B-cereal, fruit
L-PB&J sandwiches

B-cinnamon toast, fruit
L-chicken nuggets
D-chicken can-can (from Quick Cooking)

L-at the airport
D-in Michigan with family


stephanie said...

Good job! :) (Don't be too impressed with me ... remember I'm still have dinner made for me by church friends 3-4 times a week and that's a HUGE help!)

jettybetty said...

I am thankful you are finally able to think about food--that has to be a good sign!!!
You are taking a trip??? Have fun!

Carol said...

Aggie! I'm so sorry you're feeling puny. It is SO going to be worth it!

When you do start eating, though, I hope you eat more colors than I see here on this little menu list. Green would be a good start - uh...besides apples and pears, that is.

GiBee said...

One step at a time, my friend!

Also, I tagged you for a meme! C'mon over and check it out...


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