Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Little Humor

I was looking through my email today and found this interesting one from a former student.

Hi Ms. *****. This is Calderon, and I was sending you this message because I got arrested today, and I wanted to see if Officer Cox brought you my paper. I have the rough draft with me, but I can turn it in when I come back to school. I was suspended. Thank You.

The police officer had indeed brought me the assigned paper. It was quite the paradox...a student being arrested for not being very responsible but making sure the police officer gave his teacher the assignment on time.

Teaching high school brought many interesting moments my way. I'm not eager to return to the public school classroom, but it was exciting. :-)


MAK said...

Maybe if you ever go back to teaching you can find a little less ....ummm....urban place to work? I bet that was a hoot, having a police officer come looking for you by name at school!

Hope you are feeling lots better, and I am guessing hubby got home safe and sound!

aggiejenn said...

The student had been arrested at school by the campus police, so it wasn't unusual to see them around. And, yeah, I think if I go back to teaching it will be somewhere a little less urban. ;-) I also had a student arrested at school with $1000 in cash (drug money) on him. His mom was also a drug dealer and the leader of their gang, so she wasn't much help. :-|

Dave & Lisa said...

I remember the very day this event happened! Ah, the good ol' days on Planet Elsik. Or should I say, the stressful, ridiculous, challenging, but overall glad-we-did-it (and glad we don't do it anymore!) days? :-)

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