Friday, May 01, 2009

Camping Trip 2009

Here are just a few shots of our camping trip from last weekend. Is that a dirty face or what?

Top Left: Levi's seriously dirty face--he had a GREAT day!
Top Right: Caleb playing in the mud pit the kids made
Bottom Left: Levi and Caroline--aren't they so sweet together? (they were born two weeks apart)
Bottom Right: Our tents. Levi slept in the green one all by himself in the pack-n-play. The boys slept great. Us...not so much.
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Andrea said...

So cute!!

Dave and Lisa said...

Fun! I keep telling Dave that we should go camping, and he tells me that it wouldn't work with Sam. Now I have more proof to my point. I'm glad to hear your boys slept so well! Hopefully next trip you and Justin will get some sleep, too. ;-)

Hol and J said...

I'm so glad everyone had fun, especially the kids.

Yeah, J and I didn't sleep too well the first night either. The second (without the wind/storm) we did better, but that may have been because we were so tired. ;)

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