Thursday, May 14, 2009

After the Day I've Had...

I need a bath or a hug or maybe some ice cream. Or maybe all of the above.

After I dropped Caleb off at school this morning, I went and picked up Ava. My sister hasn't posted on her blog about what's been going on with her, so I won't post all the details here, but suffice it to say she's on the couch. A lot. So, I went to grab Ava for the day and run errands with my friend, Kim. We were in search of necklaces for her and the other bridesmaid to wear in a wedding this weekend. We did that for a couple of hours, had lunch, and tried to get Ava and Levi to fall asleep in the car because our house was being shown from 1-3pm (the worst possible time for a family with toddlers. Oh, and apparently our house doesn't have enough natural light and the screened in porch makes the living room too dark. Ummm..they're called trees. We have a lot of them. You'll appreciate that when it's 110 degrees and the sun is beating down on your house. I'm loving the comments we're getting from potential buyers. *sigh*). Levi and Ava didn't fall asleep until 2pm, and then I picked Caleb up at 2:30.

When I picked him up the teacher said he's been coughing non-stop all day.

He gets in the car and says, "What's making my ear hurt?" Your ear hurts? "Yes." I figured we'd just wait and get into the doctor in the morning since it was already 3pm and he didn't seem too bad.

10 minutes later he was screaming in pain and I was on the phone trying to get an appointment with the pediatrician. I drove to drop off Ava (30 minutes away), then drove the 45 minutes to the doctor's office with Caleb screaming and crying because his ear hurt. In the meantime, Levi woke up (imagine that), and started crying himself. It was a lovely, leisurely drive through Houston traffic.

Caleb has a blister on his ear drum; the doctor even let me look at it through the scope. That's what was making his ear hurt. They gave him Motrin and the pain subsided. The doc said it may go away all on its own in 2 days and the Motrin will keep the pain at bay, but he gave us a scrip for antibiotics just so we don't end up in the ER on a Saturday night for an ear infection. We love our pediatrician!

So, now Caleb's in bed with Vicks and socks on his feet hoping to make the cough go away. His lungs were clear with no wheezing, so we're not sure why he's coughing.

It's been a LONG day!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So sorry about your day... how does one get a blister on his ear drum????? Does not sound pleasant.

The Johnsons said...

You definitely deserve ice cream and a hug. Poor Caleb, too - that blister doesn't sound pleasant. Praying for your sister.

Hol and J said...

If possible, I'd go with all of the above.

Sorry to hear about your sister and Caleb with his poor little ear and cough. I'm praying for both of them.

Regarding the potential buyers; I think it's interesting that they complain about things you can't really change about the house. If they don't like the trees then they can cut them down after they move in. Although, like you said when it's 100+ they'll be glad to have them shading the house.

I don't particularly like the type of oaks and messy pine trees in our yard but they do provide shade. I call it natural insulation. :o)

I hope today is less stressful.

Dave and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I just read this... and now I understand why I've been thinking about you every day! I am sorry for being such a bad friend and just thinking about calling you and not actually calling. I hope by the time you read this Caleb will be feeling much better. I am saying a prayer for K as I write this. Let's talk on the phone soon. Whoever calls first wins. ;-)
Love you!!

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