Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Moved In

We moved in last week. It's been a long process to unpack everything and find a place for it. We're so blessed that we were able to bring things from home; it helps a lot. I still haven't washed all the dishes. I wash as many as can dry at one time, and then we eat and use those up...then I have a kitchen FULL of dishes again. :-) It'll get done, eventually, right? Good thing I'm not would drive me nuts.

The boys got all their toys back! They haven't seen their toys in two months, so this was like a HUMONGOUS Christmas morning. (By the way, humongous is Caleb's new favorite word!)

Here they are enjoying their "new" toys in their playroom...

This is the new bookshelf I bought them at IKEA. We could open up a children's library out of their playroom. Makes this former English teacher really happy. :-)
I'd like to tell you it doesn't look like this all the time...
They take turns hiding in the toy box their Granddad made for them, which of course means all the toys end up on the floor. What are playrooms for, right?
Today I asked one of the teenagers whose dad works with Justin to watch the boys while I did a bit of grocery shopping and had some time to myself. I walked to the bus stop on the other side of the street (about a 10-min walk...down and under the overpass) and headed down to Holland Village. My first stop was Starbucks. A vanilla latte and a blueberry muffin later and I was on my way. Saw a foot reflexology place that had been recommended, so I stopped in. They had a special for "first timers" that included a 30-minute foot massage and a 30-minute back and shoulder massage for S$38 ($26 US!). I couldn't say yes fast enough. It was wonderful! After that I headed to get a Brita water pitcher (the water here doesn't taste very good, but it's perfectly safe) and then to the grocery store for bread and milk and bananas.
I'd like to write an open letter to the Singapore radio stations. It would go something like this:
Dear Singapore Radio Stations,
As an American citizen, I appreciate good American music. You play a lot of American music from the 70s and 80s, most of it not the best from that time period. I am often puzzled as to why you have chosen those particular songs. Do you know that decades have passed since then and lots of new music has been played? There are thousands of songs, millions maybe, that you could choose from.
Please, I'm begging you to find something new.
Thank you very much.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

We can not wait to see you guys tomorow and the new condo... and I was at HV today at Starbucks meeting a mom about MOPS... we were upstairs sorry we missed each other.

Administrator said...

Ok, so where is the Starbucks at Holland Village????? We've only seen the Coffee Bean place.

DEFINTELY agree on the radio station letter. I'll sign too if you think it will help.

Leone said...

nice to 'watch' new people settling in .... so easy to forget what it was like and we all take so much for granted. :-(

Radio Station?? Didn't think of that ... good one... though I just listen to music rather than radio.

Ikea and pronunciation ... so funny, forgot that too. But that's why we travel to learn new things. They are not wrong, just 'different' - wait till you hear character. You won't pick that one up at all.


or Lavender ....

LAV-END-DER (sound is on the END)

there are many others .... for me a cab driver will never understand IMM (store at Jurong) .... as they think I am saying AYE-EMM-EMM

(the Australian accent is a pain in the US too)

but nice to see you are settling in and moved in to your new home. :-)

Melanie said...

OK, Amen to the radio. I am so sick of the old stuff. It was nice at first, brought back memories...but enough already!

proud parents said...

I am so jealous of the massage!! I could really use one of those right now. Maybe I'll come visit so I can stop in for the "first time special". ;)

Dana said...

Your place looks like a home now ith your boys and thier toys! I'm thinking I need to plan a trip to see y'all so I can hug your necks and you can introduce me to the massage place! :)

Anonymous said...


You were probably listening to "Oldies" english station( e.g. Class 95,Gold FM); hence the 70s and 80s song. If you want to listen to a more hip or current radio station; try 987 fm or Power 98.

Welcome to Singapore =D

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