Monday, July 27, 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Now that we don't live near an MRT station, the bus is the best/cheapest way for us to get around. This book comes in really handy...(especially now that I know how to read and use it!)
Last weekend we had to go down near Little India to pick something up, so we decided the bus was easier than trying to find a place to park the car. One of the bus #s that comes by our place...

You can search by street name, and it shows all the buses that come to each stop. Ours is at the bottom..."Holland Gems."

We scored and got a double-decker bus. Caleb was super-excited to ride on the top, even though he's giving his angry face here.

Levi looking down on people at Plaza Singapura

Just had to take a picture of this, since some people think that's where we got Levi's name. (Although a Jewish woman at Holland Village the other day said we need to pray and ask God if we're Jewish since both our boys have strong Hebrew names. She was really sweet, and pretty persistent about us being Jewish.) :-)

It's always an adventure getting around the city. I had coffee with a sweet lady yesterday (who's a friend of a friend of ours in Houston), and I picked her up in our car. We drove to Starbucks and had to wait about 10 minutes for a parking spot to open up. It felt like I was in school at A&M again, sitting in my car and waiting for a parking spot to open. Except here, there were only about 20 spots in the lot.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Love the story about the Jewish lady... it is always an adventure here in Singapore.

Dave and Lisa said...

So glad you are figuring out how to get around! I remember how you had no fear memorizing a map in Chiang Mai and driving the dilapidated old Jaow-fah anyplace you desired to go! Whereas I, on the other hand, could not figure out how to read the map, let alone drive the car without endangering myself and anyone unfortunate enough to be in the vehicle with me or even on the same street! Way to go, Jenn! :-)

Leone said...

I use the GOTHERE website:

You can put in by car / by cab / by train / by bus etc .... also quickest way / cheapest way etc.

Great site.

If I am going somewhere that is not too familiar to me ... I print out the bus route on the SMRT site:

so I know where to get off or how many stops before I do get off.

As we live beside the MRT and 2 mins to the bus interchange, we have no need for a car, thank goodness.

At least we can save that expense. :-)

Melanie said...

LOVE that book, because it's small and you csn take it anywhere!

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