Monday, February 08, 2010

School At Home

After years of talking, researching, praying, scouring the internet, getting advice from people we know, and praying some more, we've made the decision to homeschool the boys next year. We're being much more intentional about teaching/learning at home now in preparation for full-time school at home next year. Caleb is constantly asking me how to spell words and saying, "what does this say?" so we know he is ready to start learning to read. And I'm ready to teach him!

Today while Levi was napping we were spelling words on Caleb's Magna Doodle using our magnetic letters. He thought this was great fun. These words were his idea, so we even got in a science lesson. He first wanted to spell "blood," and then wanted to spell "vein" since that's where the blood is. (Is it obvious he's a boy?) Then he asked me what was inside our blood, so we then spelled "cells." Later on he spelled "off" all by himself and knew what word it was. When I asked him where he learned that he pointed to a toy guitar with an "off" switch. I'm really enjoying our "school" time together.

Levi has been doing a lot of this lately (he's not feeling well):
And this shirt could not be more true!

We checked out Olivia from the library, and I've decided my boys are just like her because "she is very good at wearing people out." :-)

I've recently started reading Third Culture Kids, a book about kids who spend at least part of their developmental years (birth-18) living in a culture other than their parents' (home) culture. It's fascinating so far, and it will be really helpful when we repatriate to the US (whenever that will be). I think it's good reading for anyone who is raising kids in another country for any length of time.

I've also been reading The Well-Trained Mind. I'm also loving that book. It's great for anyone who is teaching their kids at home, full-time or supplementing what they learn at school.
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Jessie said...

I loved Third Culture Kids too. One thing I took from it - that its important to think about objectively teaching your kids a culture. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Great to catch up on you and the boys... I am so far behind... homeschool you go girl... I am really proud of you and can't wait to see you in action... love the excitement in your writing... and can't wait to see you.

LaShawn said...

We began homeschooling our boys this last year. Best decision we ever made!!! My biggest piece of advice...that I was given...RELAX about it. It happens so easily and organically that we don't need to force it. So true!

Good luck!

Melanie said...

As I already told you, I'm impressed that you'll be homeschooling!! I do a bit myself with Juliana and still don't know about the rest of the year just yet. Guess we'll see where the job leads, but she's absorbing so much! I put that book on my wish list too, so I'm glad you like it.

erinlo said...

I'm so excited you have decided to homeschool- you will be GREAT at that!

You have really amazed me, Jen, with your transition in to Singapore. You completely inspire me!

And, I just can not believe how big the boys are getting. And they are SO dang cute!! I know the exhaustion of raising two boys- i promise it does get better.

Silas, my 7 year old, got in the car after school last week and when I asked him how his day was he said, "Mom- I just really feel like the Lord is blessing me." And I remembered- it's worth it. SOOO worth it and you are doing a GREAT job!

Erica said...

We will be homeschooling together. It will sure cut down on your commute time!

Dave and Lisa said...

Again I say, I am excited for you! If our thoughts and prayers continue tracking in the direction they are now, we will be joining you in the homeschooling venture in a few years. Good thing we started our family after most of our friends so we'll have plenty of people further down the road to ask for help when we need it! ;-)

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