Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh Man, These Kids

I do love 'em.

A few days ago I put Levi to bed and at 9:10 he was still awake. He called me into his room, and when I got in there (not too happy that he was still awake at this hour) he wanted to say a prayer for my leg to get better. My two-year-old praying for me? I think my heart melted right there.

This morning Caleb came out of his room and the very first words out of his mouth were, "Momma, I want to go outside and find some big leaves. I want to put tape on both sides so I can fly." In his little 4-year-old mind he could strap some big leaves to his arms and fly. Oh to have such an imagination. This evening he went to the playground with his Daddy and came back with two leaves. Big ones in his mind, but nowhere near the size needed to lift a person off the ground. He wants to tape them to his arms and go to school tomorrow and show everyone how he can fly. I can hardly stop laughing about the absurdity of it. But I love that he thinks like that.

You know what's sad? I can't go check on my kids while they're sleeping anymore. I used to go in there every night after they were sleeping, before I went to bed, to look at them and cover them up. Now my crutches are so loud on our hard floors that it wakes them up. I hate that I can't go in their rooms. So ready to be crutch-free!

Here's a video that Caleb LOVES! He made us watch it twice in a row tonight. He's definitely our little engineer!

And here's a sweet video of Caleb talking about life stuff. :-) He sometimes talks like a baby because he wants to, just so you know.

Life According to Caleb from Jennifer ReflectingHim on Vimeo.

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Dana said...

Oh man, that video of Caleb is so CUTE! What a sweet little boy.

That first video reminds me of that old game Mousetrap.

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