Sunday, August 08, 2010

He Gets It

The four of us spent an evening on Orchard Road tonight. We rode the bus down to eat dinner, spent a little time shopping for tissue paper (homeschool crafts) and some Youth Olympic Games gear (did you know it's the inaugural Youth Olympic Games this year and they're in Singapore?), and even found a special gem in the form of decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee for mommy.

It was a fun and relaxed evening, despite the chaos of navigating a mall on a Sunday night with the boys (Sundays at the mall here are CRAZY).

In the taxi on the way home, I told Caleb I was so proud of how they behaved through the night. He asked me what I meant, and I told him that they had not whined or complained and had obeyed us the whole evening.

His eyes got big, he sucked in his breath, and said excitedly, "That's the FIRST time!"

Yes, I believe it might be. :-)


The Johnsons said...

I wish I knew your boys better! They're comments always make me laugh. I can't wait to hear what all Liz and Bladen will say!

Erica said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Laura said...

Those moments are so sweet. And maddeningly rare it seems. I'm glad you experienced it. And sweet Caleb, what a cutie pie!

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