Monday, October 04, 2010

Bali-More Pictures

These guys guarded our outdoor shower (and there were lots more around the pool/courtyard area):
The two of us (one of us got a lot of sun...the other one of us was at the spa!):
You don't need much luggage when you are traveling without children! We didn't even need this much, but we brought the computer so Andrea could contact us if the kids needed something, etc.
The boys with the pirate ship kite we bought them. I think that might be Caleb's pirate face. Not sure. :-)

Thanks SO much to Andrea, Anna, Tommy, and Jakeb for keeping our boys while we were away. We'll be returning the favor when Tommy and Andrea go to Bali next month, but I'm certain they got the short end of the stick! You guys are such a blessing to us!!

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