Friday, October 08, 2010

The Post Where We Pretend Fall Exists

The boys and I stole this idea from my friend, Erica (a friend from college who is a children's book author! So proud of you, Erica!). I can be crafty, but I am not creative on my own, so I'm always up for stealing other people's ideas!
The directions are here for the pumpkins. It's so simple, and the boys enjoyed stuffing the fabric into the rolls of toilet paper. We went and bought fabric today (not as easy as driving to Hobby Lobby, but not terribly difficult, either), and the rest of the stuff we just improvised with stuff we had on hand. No sewing, no glue. My kind of project!
Starting the process with my monkeys:

Caleb with his finished product:
What a 3-year-old does when you are taking too long helping his brother:
The finished "pumpkin patch" (and apparently whatever was outside the window was more exciting than me taking the picture):

We stuffed some tissues between the toilet paper rolls and the fabric so you couldn't really tell they were made from rolls of TP!

A fun, easy-for-the-kids project. Thanks, Erica, for letting us steal your idea.

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Andrea said...

OK, this is probably THE. BEST. blog title I've seen in a long time. I literally laughed out loud. The pumpkins are TOOOO cute! Great job! Now I'm going to go read the whole post. I had to comment right away cause I just loved the title so much. :)

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So so cute... next time can we come and make a project... I love them now how did you make them?

Laura said...

So cute! And I laughed pretty hard at the jet in the pumpkin. Totally something my 3 year old would do. :)

Judy said...

Hi Jenn. I commented on your blog at the beginning of the year (I think it was) and we exchanged a couple of emails. Then my computer crashed and I lost the address to your blog. (We lived in Singapore from 1998-2001)
Love the title of this post. I used to say, "Well the calendar SAYS October, so I think I'll make chili." I also used to tell the kids if theym squinted their eyes and saw the leaves falling, we could almost imagine it was fall. :)
I've seen that idea for TP pumpkins. So cute!
Good to find your blog again. :) I enjoy reading about your life in Singapore and your sweet boys.

Dave and Lisa said...

Okay, I'm catching up after a month away. Looks like you are doing great, and I'm so glad. Bali sounds AMAZING! And I'm very impressed with your homeschooling progress. We're still leaning that direction, but I have a few small anxieties about it since I've never been very "hands on" with the craft paper and stuff for little ones. I suppose I can learn if they can, right! ;-)

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