Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This is our second Halloween to celebrate in Singapore. We went up to Woodlands again, and it was just as crazy as last year, if not more so.

My Buzz and Woody.

Woody and Buzz with Granddad at the Singapore American School

The MADNESS that is trick-or-treating in Woodlands!

Granddad got a balloon! (Feels a little like "Where's Waldo?" doesn't it?)

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Dave and Lisa said...

Craziness! Contrast that with the fact that we did not have a single trick or treater, and you see what very different worlds we live in. ;-) Your kids are getting so big and look way cute in their costumes!

Linda said...

Cute costumes! I enjoyed talking with Caleb and Levi last night. Or rather listening to Levi talk to me...and.and.and :) I hope he is feeling better today and I hope that you all don't come down with the virus. Love you, Mom

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