Sunday, December 26, 2010

Multitudes on Mondays

Continuing my gift list from my Heavenly Father, part of finding contentment and giving thanks in all circumstances.

#149 hot tea to soothe sore throats
#150 good medical care for a sick kid in Singapore
#151 sweet kisses from two little boys
#152 long distance phone calls on Thanksgiving Day
#153 chance to give back to a friend
#154 favorite prayer journal to record praises and requests and His faithful answers
#155 realizing we have missionary friends on 4 continents
#156 good friends to walk this Singapore journey with me
#157 that God uses my hardships to minister to and help others
#158 good, strong preaching from God's Word every Sunday
#159 continual lessons from 1 Samuel
#160 air conditioning to sleep in
#161 comfortable beds
#162 watching and helping my oldest to read
#163 soft, warm towels from the dryer
#164 little boy laughs
#165 games to play with family
#166 hot water to wash dishes with
#167 Skype calls with friends and family, keeping in touch across the oceans
#168 my niece singing songs to me via Skype
#169 funny things my kids say
#170 lights on the Christmas tree
#171 special ornaments from years past decorating our tree

1 comment:

Dave and Lisa said...

Such a good idea, Jenn. You have been on my mind and my heart so much lately. How are you feeling? I pray that your Christmas was joyful and that you are getting some rest. I love you! I want you to feel better! That's what I am praying for, that God will work supernaturally in your body to refresh and renew your health and spirit. After all, you are such a refreshment to so many of us!

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