Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday Party at Sky Gym

Since the boys' birthdays are one day apart, we are still taking advantage of this and having ONE party. This year we decided to do it at Sky Gym, where the boys take gymnastics. It was great fun!

Caleb and Levi got to be the helpers during warm-up time:

Demonstrating what to do on this "circuit:"

My friend, Eunice, had to try out the trampoline:

What a great things for litttle boys who love to climb all over things:

A game of hide-and-seek...about 4 kids were hiding in the slide at one time:

Explaining the game (I love the look on Emily's face in this one--far right):

Pierce excited about something:

I love the look on Jack's (red shirt) and Elijah's faces here...they had found a good hiding spot:

Tug-of-War...Caleb and Levi were on separate teams and each team won once!

Levi gets a little overwhelmed sometimes and needs to sit out:

My super ugly but very tasty (I'm told...I can't eat it) cake--we love Phineas and Ferb:

This is what happens to icing in Singapore:

We had so much fun celebrating with our friends!  Caleb and Levi are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

The boys official birthdays are Monday and Tuesday, so more pictures to come!

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