Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cambodia, Day Two--Angkor Wat

I don't know if you can see the machetes these ladies are using to cut the grass or not...they are not allowed to use any loud machinery around the temples.  A very tedious job...

Carvings in the sandstone at Angkor Wat.  The dark areas are oils from people's hands.  You're not allowed to touch them anymore.

Since it was raining all day the boys could not run around.  They got bored pretty quickly with walking around ancient ruins, so I pulled out my iPhone for them to play.  It saved us from a lot of whining.

All of these spindles were made by hand before machines were invented to do stuff like this.

And, look, there's my handsome husband (next to the 5-headed snakes surrounding the temple).

Views from atop Angkor Wat:

It was a pretty crummy day to take pictures, so this is the best we got of the whole temple complex.  They are doing restoration work, so there's also ugly green tarps everywhere.

My three boys~

Caleb with the ancient statues on the bridge leading to Angkor Thom (some of the heads have been re-crafted by local artisans and replaced):

Gate to Angkor Thom:

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