Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cambodia, Day One

Last Thursday, we set off for Cambodia to visit the ancient temple ruins. On day one, we visited Pre Rup, built in 961. The boys loved being able to climb up all the stairs and run around. We were there to watch the sun set, so you can tell from the photos how much the light was changing while we were there. (This turned out to be the only day without rain while we were there.)

Justin and the boys:

climbing the very steep stairs:

look how high we are, Mom!

there were quite a few people trying to sell us books and trinkets:

silly Caleb:

one of the beautiful girls selling trinkets. Cambodian people remind me so much of Thai people--sweet, sweet people with beautiful smiles!


notice all the girls and how they are fanning my sons. They were all quite taken with each other:

Levi hanging out:

More on Cambodia to come!

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