Thursday, May 25, 2006

On His Knees

my son. on his knees.

That's what I saw when I went in his room earlier. There he was on his hands and knees inside his crib. This is the first time he's actually stayed like that for any length of time.

And I almost began to cry. Why? Because I want him to stay like that forever. No, I don't want him to stay a crawling baby forever. I want him to stay on his knees forever. In prayer.

Lord, help me to teach my son to get on his knees long after he learns to walk. May he see his mommy and his daddy on their knees often. In prayer. To you. For him. Our greatest desire is for him to know you and love you. Grant us the wisdom to teach this child what it means to be Yours. And may the tiny carpet burns remain as evidence that he has met You there. On his knees.


GiBee said...

OH! You HAD to share this and get me crying ... while I'm AT WORK ...

So precious. So priceless.

Laura said...

I'm all teary-eyed too. What a sweet prayer and heart - your son is so blessed and I have been by you today too.

jettybetty said...

How blessed your son is--to have parents that pray on their knees--that he will be on his. What a wonderful prayer!

Heather Smith said...

Beautiful! I've often said that the most important thing a parent can give their kids is a Christian example! I'm so thankful for the parent's I have! Thanks for sharing this!

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